Book by Daniel Lusk

Every Slow Thing

Kelsay Books 2022

cover of Every Slow Thing

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“This collection is beautifully crafted, exquisitely lyrical and astutely observed; poems of place and time that stun you with the originality of their imagery… These are the ‘spells and charms’ of a poet at the height of his powers.” —Chrys Salt, MBE “In Every Slow Thing Lusk's poems achieve a radiance that illumines and penetrates the surfaces of his American life. The collection exposes a personal history refracted through the mind of the recorder, a time lapse sequence of the act of imagining fictions of memory and self.” —Anton Floyd, author of Falling into Place and Depositions. “This stunning sequence of poems from Daniel Lusk incorporates physical, emotional and psychic phenomena—from the poet’s back yard to the farthest reaches of the universe. Lusk traces inexplicable moments like a master filmmaker, miraculously gifted at capturing thought in motion.” —Afric McGlinchey, Tied to the Wind, Ghost of the Fisher Cat, and other books