Book by Daniel Lusk


Yavanika Press 2022

cover of Farthings

Available online by subscription, $3+

A collection of 26 whimsical micro-poems.

Farthing—once a small-denomination coin, four to a penny; in poetry akin to a visual artist's “gesture drawing,” from the figure or one-line poem by Zen calligrapher Kaz Tanahashi

“These poems reflect the Zen koan nature of true poetic expression. Hurrah that they hit home in the head and the heart.” Craig Volk, poet, scriptwriter Northern Exposure et al.

“Daniel Lusk’s splendid, jewel-like poems shine with singular economy and refined wit.” Lee Upton, author of Bottle the Bottles the Bottles the Bottles.

“In Daniel Lusk’s Farthings, you’ll find witticisms, puns, mini-satires, jokes, delightful re-definitions. But behind all of it is Daniel’s unmitigated love of the natural world.” John Surowiecki, author of The Place of the Solitaires: Poems from Titles by Wallace Stevens.