Book by Daniel Lusk

Kissing the Ground: New & Selected Poems

Onion River, 1999

cover of Kissing the Ground

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A selection of Daniel Lusk’s poems published in journals and
chapbooks 1980-1999.

“Evocative and haunting, Daniel Lusk’s poems have their spiritual origins in myth and human lore, and their emotional roots in prayer and regret. They suggest a world in which imagination leads to something false but eternal, and brute nature stands for something true but lost.”

“Behind Daniel Lusk’s quiet, meditative poems is the ache of experience and its correlative, joy. He is foremost a love poet, a complicated one, as when he writes, “…two people linger;/darkness falls; they have their own/heat–lightning to go by until sweetness/fails them.” Such authority abounds in this impressive selection from many years’ work. Throughout, Lusk’s heart is as scrupulous as his diction is precise. ”
—Stephen Dunn

“…The ability to focus imagery, unite disparates, use language with grace and power…the astonishments which occur every page show clearly that Lusk is a poet of rare talent.”
—J.B. Pick, Markings (Scotland)

A poem from Kissing the Ground: New & Selected Poems: Taking a Bath