Book by Daniel Lusk

Lake Studies: Meditations on Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, 2011

cover of Lake Studies

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The poems in this collection are works of imagination that incorporate the poet’s knowledge of what archeologists and other scientists and researchers have learned of the underwater mysteries of the lake, its human and natural history and native lore.

Imagery and song are fundamental to these poems, with persistent undertones of folklore and religion among Daniel’s imaginative characterizations of the lake and its myths, creatures and people. Includes underwater photography by Pierre LaRocque and images of the skeletal remains of the earth’s oldest creatures, visible today in the priceless “marble” of the islands’ Chazy Reef.

The Inland Sea: Reflections Audiobook

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, 2011
A selection of poems on CD from “Lake Studies,” read by the author.

Audiobook: The Inland Sea: Reflections

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Audiobook on CD

“Daniel has offered us a new way to explore the region’s history and the shipwrecks discovered through the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s archeological field work. It is wonderful to read the poetic descriptions of situations I know so well, to find…that the elliptical curves of poetry provide an unusual and powerful portrait.”
—LCMM founder Art Cohn

Two poems from Lake Studies: Meditations on Lake Champlain
Nocturne and Story